Selecting the proper Golf Training Aids

Golf training aids have come a long way through the years.  With professionals, novices and beginners looking to better their golf game, there’s an ever increasing market for golf training equipment.  Choosing the right golf training aids can be somewhat challenging considering the vast selection of golf equipment that’s available on the market today.  For you to be able to choose the proper golf training equipment, you first need to determine the areas in your golf game that require improvement.

Typically the main areas where golfers are looking to improve on are as follows:

  • Golf Swing
  • Putting
  • Driving
  • Sand Wedge Shots
  • Golf Grip

Once you analyze the specific area of your golf game that you’re looking to improve, you can then determine the proper golf training aid to use.

Let’s take a look at each each golf training aid area and their overviews:

  1. Golf swing trainer & golf swing aids:  these are used to perfect your arm position during the swing and train you to use the proper arc when swinging at the golf ball.  They’ll help you to keep your arms at the proper distance apart, promote consistent speed and give you better timing when used regularly
  2. Putting aids:  Provide a medium to practice putting skills both on the golf course and away from the golf course at your home or office.  Practice putting greens are the most widely used methods.
  3. Golf Driver training and practice:  The most widely used training aids for golf driver practicing are fake golf balls which can be used indoors.  These are great for days when the weather is unfit for a game of golf at your local course.
  4. Sand Wedge Training: The golf equipment market today is flooded with a wide variety of golf training clubs.  These clubs are meant to promote and correct your impact position on the ball as well as give you better accuracy and ball placement.
  5. Golf grip trainers:  Your golf grip is the cornerstone of your golf game.  This is where everything starts.  Golf grip training clubs promote the proper alignment of your hands and the correct velocity.
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