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Ou Mila: I wish to learn more about to create going to be the stadium everywhere over the Tianjin for those times when Woods wi coach United States Golf masters competition concluded Saturday, Augusta-brilliant solar energy Pete Hansen and Mads Mikkelsen to learn more about championship standings relating to going to be the top longer than one and the majority of people fans concerned about the world while watching the at the outset Tiger Woods only made 72,today an all in one total count up having to do with + 3 (72-75-72) behind leader 12-bar. After the game,in line with the friend or family member Ou Mila estimated Woods for those times when interviewed on such basis as SINA Golf Channel conceals going to be the leading standings all around the Sunday, golf clubs , revealed compact as part of your works to do with at the outset the all over the Tianjin, China. ??Ou Mila all over the Sunday, and everywhere in the Monday this morning 31 straight end practice to have Woods, golf sales ,she was able to find Woods throughout the in line with the condition,person conceals throughout the Sunday’s game to understand more about going to be the forefront to do with going to be the points standings, because a few weeks at the Palmer won the invitation tournament champion. "Ou Mila said. ??Respect to do with going to be the Woods there position in your points standings, golf equipment , Ou Mila said: "already after a day or two Woods as part of your news off, golf sale , hitting going to be the second and and so all around the are all over the a multi function be unable He wants for additional details on get purged about overall ??Ou Mila smiled and stated that Woods are going to want be the case shot and nowadays coach Michael Foley, and engage the services of him as coach,anticipated Woods might be that the are offered back. "I don’t want most of them are going to be the credit imputed for additional details on me,but when I was on front relating to kale always win. I are aware of that essentially the most Woods. "Ou Mila anticipated that" Woods can be back." ??14 several years ago, Ou Mila Augusta Club 18 championship all around the Sunday, pushed an all in one Poupa pusher concerning about 14 an individual to educate yourself regarding win the 1998 United States Masters champion,it was his participation everywhere in the 15 masters about the top Ou Mila at that year’s United Kingdom Open Championship, has and thus far won 16 us Tour Championship. ??Ou Mila 55 a very long time old this year because regarding drama game out partying all around the Thursday. "I attributed for more information about injury,among the more played a multi functional 50%, I can be back. "Ou Mila said. ??Finally, Ou Mila said, taylormade tour , its at the outset golf golf course build work all over the China everywhere over the Tianjin yangliuqing Golf Club. Tianjin yangliuqing Golf Club nowadays utilized a short time renovation,the original 36 holes not only can they excersice back into going to be the 27-hole the game of golf golf course,developed by 27 Grand Slam Championship each of a multi functional championship as part of your Ou Mila is the fact that one or more regarding them,he or she developed championship the game of golf course’s at the outset advertising Yangliuqing introduction to understand more about going to be the Du Xia, Ou Mila is this : kale before going to be the at the outset Grand Slam tournament relating to champions, R11 irons ,several people everywhere in the San Francisco after the communication, Ou Mila ach and every interested for your goal then help du spring and summer shipped invitation for additional details on lots of good old champions, Callaway Legacy irons , jointly aid in the this feat.

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